I know I have problems with self-control. Every attempt I’ve ever made at vegetarianism was cut short by a strip of bacon. I’m currently reading 16 different books. Anyone familiar with me knows my skills in the arena of procrastination are remarkable. I need to restrain. And I have been lately! My schedule, once chock-full of lunch dates, film screenings, and aimless driving involving lots of tank-filling, is now empty. I’ve spent the past three days in my room, reflecting. (Well, kind of. Mostly I was sleeping or binge-watching Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.) Why is this? Let me explain.

Right now, my checking account is overdrawn, my piggy bank is empty, and my wallet is hidden in my sock drawer in an attempt to prevent any further damage. I have -0.67 US dollars to my name and I owe money, probably equivalent to a hundred or so, to a grand assortment of people. Luckily, the comforts of my middle-class background have granted me parents who are reluctant but able to give me money in times of need. But these past of two weeks of broke-ness, have burned even that bridge. Every time I ask for my money, my father’s eyes light up with excitement, and questions pour from his mouth. How much do I need? Exactly? And where will I spend it? And on what? It’s these sort of breaches of confidentiality that lead the public away from big banks. Sad to know even mom and pop shops have violated the terms of commerce.

My first paycheck from my summer job comes this Friday. I will make it. My inability to brunch, fulfill shoe urges, and eat ice cream will soon dissipate. Will I be careful with my newly acquired funds? Probably not. Should I? Definitely. ♦