i feel as little as a bee in a patch of blue roses
my heart is too big for my body
filled with beautiful things and places and words
tipped over, it looks like this:

the peachiness and calm optimism of nina,
the poise and leadership of aud bud,
the hard work and honey-bubble friendship of aqua vince,
the resilience and kind soul of maalvika,

the outspokenness and fierce will of shikha bug,
the enthusiasm and adventure of malia lemon,
the raw talent and relatability of keahi,
the confidence and girl power of nicole

the never-ending laughter and bookishness of bianca & fae,
the bravery and care of aaron & michael,
the familiar warmth and relentless teamwork of my fellow childhood flower buds,
the all-encompassing compassion and strong activism of my teenage plant pals

we lie under trees and have organic picnics
spontaneous downtown adventures and quaint tea parties
foreign films and philosophical discussions about the universe
journalism articles and feminist agendas

we grow with energy and opportunity,
tears and water, nutrients and care
the sun is filled with so much love as to kiss us every day
i feel as lucky as a bee to have grown up amongst flowers

—a few people who have changed my life & helped me grow

—By Jelena B., 16, California