Here, for your creative utilization, is July’s Collage Kit! This month’s theme is all about connections and close relationships, hence the knot/bow imagery, mirrors, yin and yang symbol, hearts, and couples (not necessarily romantic couples, but twins, friends, and siblings). I also added pandas, giraffes, archaeological discoveries, nature objects, and glittery things because these symbols are very close to my heart! I hope your July is full of collaging and building and cherishing the strong connections with yourself, others, and the universe. NOW LET’S CUT OUT SOME FLOWERS ’N’ PANDAS!

Download the first page here:

Collage Kit 1

The second page here:

Collage Kit 2

And the third page here:

Collage Kit 3

Later in July, we’ll publish a gallery of all the beauteous collages you made with this kit. To submit yours, please email a high-res (at least 300 dpi) scan or photo of it with the subject line “July Collage” to [email protected] by 6 PM EST on Monday, July 18. Happy collaging! ♦