Shim, shimmery.

Shim, shimmery.

Rose gold is having its 15 minutes right now—on jewelry, iPhone cases, everything. If you’re looking for a way to one-up everyone with your rose gold-ness, here’s a makeup look that both highlights and bronzes using shades of pinky-gold.

What you’ll need:

  • Highlighter with a rosy tint (I like Topshop Cheeks in Luminescence, though it doesn’t seem to be available online right now.)
  • Basic highlighter (I used Essence Soo Glow in #20.)
  • A lipstick in an adobe hue (I used Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick in Bleached.)
  • Glitter gel/glitter lip gloss (My fave is American Apparel Lip Gloss in Gold Rush, but any gold gloss will do.)

How to do it:

Step One

16-06-08-14-21-46-918_deco (914x1119)

Take your rosy highlighter and blend it into your cheekbones using thick strokes, starting at the outsides of your eyes and stopping right before the apples of your cheeks.

Step Two

16-06-08-14-53-56-913_deco (1076x1023)

Next, dab the rosy highlighter underneath your eyes.

Step Three

16-06-08-14-54-44-518_deco (602x817)

Lightly apply rosy highlighter to your eyelids and browbones.

Step Four

16-06-08-14-19-54-855_deco (1280x1157)

Blend regular highlighter on the center of your eyelid, the corner of your eye, your browbone, and the tail of your eyelid, blending toward your temple.

Step Five

16-06-08-14-20-13-537_deco (817x684)

After taking care of your eyes, add some highlighter to your lips, on the cupid’s bow and right underneath the fullest part of the bottom lip.

Step Six

16-06-08-14-19-01-233_deco (789x999)

A glitter lip gloss that I got from American Apparel was very cheap and a perfect medium for a dewy glitter effect under my eyes. Dab the gloss around your under-eye area, below your lower lash line, until you feel properly glittered up.

Step Seven

16-06-08-14-19-29-422_deco (1187x1235)

Now that you are done with your eyes and face, apply a lipstick. One coat should do it.

16-06-08-14-20-34-536_deco (993x952)

Man, is it hot out here or is it just my under-eye glitter? ♦