Zine One

Something that has always brought me comfort and happiness is creating and making zines. My zines always have a little piece of my heart in them, because they’re small booklets that tell about an emotional part of my life. Today I’m going to show you how to make your own zine, which I hope will work as a creative outlet for you, too!

What you’ll need:

  • White drawing paper (or computer paper, or whatever you like drawing on)
  • Thread
  • A needle
  • Scissors (to cut the thread and paper)
  • Coloring materials (for decorative purposes)
  • Magazine and/or newspaper clippings (again for decorative purposes)


How to do it:


Note: You can follow the steps in this diagram to make your zine, or refer to the steps below. Either way!

Step One

Yay! You have all of your materials! Now: The first step is to cut the plain sheets of paper into whatever size you want your zine to be. They must all be the same size. Look at the diagram for help.

Step Two

Take the sheets of paper you cut and line them up. You are going to fold the stack in half so it makes a book.

Step Three

Different Bindings

Once you’ve folded all the sheets in half to make a booklet, lay the booklet out flat again. Then, take your needle and carefully make little holes along the crease line. These holes will be the markers for where you’ll sew the thread to bind your zine.

Step Four

Binding Samples One

Now you are ready to bind your zine! Take your needle and thread and, starting from the bottom or top (it doesn’t matter which end), thread the needle through the holes you made along the crease to sew all the sheets of paper together! Make sure to double knot the thread at the end.

Step Five
Zine Sample

Yay! Your zine is done! Now, decorate it however you like. Sketch inside, make collages with magazine and newspaper clippings, paste in pressed flowers, or just write your thoughts down! Don’t forget to give your zine a title. This is yours :) ♦