scorpio1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is magic. Lady Luna is in your eighth house of intuition, amplifying your natural psychic abilities to help you attract what you desire with regard to money, romance, and friendship.

Dylan’s advice: Ummmmm hello yung witch, get ready to have a ruling new moon. It will be no accident if you see yourself drawing what you want into your web this weekend. You have some powerful psychic powers right now. My advice? P simple. DON’T WASTE IT!!! If there is a CYPYWHW (Cute Young Person You Wanna Hang With) and have been waiting for the moment, it’s now, so you gotta kiss the girl. If you’re babysitting or working a tipped gig this weekend, work for those tips, cos they might come raining in, in the form of STACKS STACKS STACKS. There’s also a huge chance that someone you always thought you’d be friends with, but haven’t yet had the chance to really hang with yet, will feel a major connection with you this new moon, starting of a summer friend-fling to rival all others. Do NOT forget your crystals at home for this one, Scorp. You potent.