1449096084libra1.jpg-140x138Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is open. Lady Luna is in your ninth house of expansion, broadening your horizons in conversation, day-to-day interactions, and intuitive perception.

Dylan’s advice: Sometime’s it’s just talking to a new person at a party one night, one who wants to talk about ideas rather than people and things, that makes you feel like your world has opened up a little, without even leaving your home-zone. Chase those conversations this weekend! Gemini hosting this new moon will encourage you to talk as a way to open up your world. Bring up lofty thoughts, deep concepts, and interesting ideas in your party chatter this weekend while the moon is hitting up your 9th house, just waiting to make your own personal world, the world of your MIND, a stretchier, wackier, richer place for you to live.