1443741723virgo1-140x141Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is achievement. Lady Luna is in your 10th house of career, asking you to get real about whether or not your inner monologues, physical location, and close friends are supporting your success.

Dylan’s advice: You are a WORKER and will let nothing stand in your way of doing your best work! …Except for that one thing, and that other thing, and those few other things that have been a bit prohibitive lately. Ah, well. It happens—so now’s the time to deal with it. What’s tripping you up from your highest successes? Is it that you don’t have a dedicated space for your craft, so you can’t carve out enough time for it? Is it a recurrent stream of imposter-syndrome mental chatter that stops you before you even start? Could it even be a fun-loving homie who is well-meaning, but just doesn’t respect your choice to stay in to work on a project rather than go out on the town with them? This would be the new moon to deal with these obstacles in your way, and that begins with recognizing them. Know that honesty and realness are your teachers at this new moon. Let them help you, even if they’re a little blunt.