gemini1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is audacity. Lady Luna is in your first house of self-confidence, challenging you to be seen for who you truly are by your family, confidantes, and the world at large.

Dylan’s advice: The new moon is, of course, all up in your sign right now. It’s shining on YOU, but your power here is to choose the lighting set-up and the angles and all that stuff. You don’t want a metaphorical crappy fluorescent office lighting situation un-flatter you in your whole dang life. Bottle that late-afternoon golden hour natural light that looks good on everyone’s selfies. This is a time to reconfigure how you carry yourself, and how to present your most authentic, chin-up, confident vibe. Lol, it’s hard! Life isn’t always sessy lighting for selfie-time in the storms of our days and stuff. But you have almost all month to arrive at a place where, at the very least, you can feel a bit more comfortable in how you show yourself to the world. The full moon is on the 20th, and full moons are classically described as illuminating moments—bringing things into the light for all to see. The new moon is for you to make a commitment to yourself to bask in your very best glow. DARE TO BE WELL-LIT, GEMINOODLES.