taurus1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is worth. Lady Luna is in your second house of value, shining a light on what truly matters to you financially, creatively, spiritually, and within your community.

Dylan’s advice: Let Gemini’s love of chattin’ work work work work work for you during the new moon moon moon moon moon. Expressing what matters to you, what is worth working for and, maybe even more important, what isn’t worth working for, is a huge part of manifesting what you want. It’s not just about having an idea about what matters to you, it’s about letting the influential people in your life in on what your values are. From there, they can respect and give you opportunities to fulfill them. At the new moon, find a place in your life where you want to express more of what you value so that you can have more of it. If it’s being able to surf at dawn as much as possible this summer because that’s your church…have a meeting with your boss to see if you can work afternoon shifts instead of morning shifts during the warmer months. If it’s wanting to save money for future goals, tell your friends that you’d rather stay in with snacks than go out for dinner so you can pinch pennies and meet that goal. Put the SUP in Support!!! Like…say “SUP, person who is influential in my life. Here’s something I value, which I am going to tell you, with these words. Now you know what I’m valuing at this time in my life, so you can SUPport me.” So yeah, say SUP this new moon, which is SUPer totally ready to lend support in all that is (S)UP with you right now, haaaaaaaa.