aries1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is intention. Lady Luna is in your third house of communication, so you’re being called to review the real meaning being your words, habits, beliefs, and dreams.

Dylan’s advice: It happens. No matter what a conscientious communicator and kind person you are in life’s dealings, we all carry residue of our yucky middle school vocabularies with us—I’m talking about the kind, like, when a stupid boy in the cafeteria called your sack lunch “gay” as an insult, as IF that’s an insult and has anything to do with…the contents of a brown bag lunch?! What?! Anyway. Because bad habits die hardest, sometimes we can still let an offensive word slip out in our woke-r years, completely without thinking, and it feels HORRIBLE. It’s bad enough that you said it—but the guilt that comes along with knowing better and still, somehow, letting it happen is worse. If there’s a linguistic habit you’re struggling to overcome or are ashamed of because it hurts others, use this new moon to write down five words you can use instead of that rude slip. Use them in conversation as a way to wean yourself out of old habits that might really hurt someone, even if you don’t mean to.