1446559366aquarius1-140x143Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is radiant. Lady Luna is in your fifth house of creativity, shining a bright spotlight on what you value, how you share your talent with others, and the circles in which you socialize.

Dylan’s advice: There’s nothing holding you back from your most colorful visions right now! The new moon in Gemini might come through to you in the form of wanting to talk through creative concepts with future partners and mentors, or put out a call to find them in the first place. It might have you thinking of ways to use your voice in new ways. It also might act like a magnet, drawing you toward the inspirational homies in your circle who would rather run around downtown with their cameras and sketchbooks than sit at home and check Instagram. Follow its little nudge to get you into a space of creative action, and let it manifest a double rainbow all the way across the sky of your June.