1449095980capricorn1-140x141Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is care. Lady Luna is in your sixth house of health, helping you to heal any lingering stress around exciting new challenges, sensitive emotions, and strange communications.

Dylan’s advice: CapriCornontheCob. You may feel all CHOMPED ON lately. GET OFF THE GRILL and take care of yourself! My KERNEL of wisdom for you in this new moon is to BUTTER yourself up in self-love, relaxation, and reflection to arm against any SALTY feelings of stress and anxiety. Health isn’t just physical, though it is important to pay attention to the feelings of your outer HUSK because your body responds to how you are feeling and what you are going through, and vice versa. You are such a hard worker, people in your life think that you’re just a constant source of PURE ETHANOL. But you have limited supply. Recharge a little over the weekend, body and soul. I know that sounds CORNY, but a little self-care goes a long way, especially for you, the STAPLE GRAIN of the zodiac (OK that one was a bit of a stretch).