sagittarius1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is harmony. Lady Luna is in your seventh house of partnerships, illuminating the ways in which your personal desires, home, or career, may be have been disturbing the peace.

Dylan’s advice: It’s a sucky vibe to feel like one good thing in life is destabilizing or otherwise compromising another good thing in life. I don’t like the idea of thoughts that are like, “my family gets in the way of my relationship,” or, “my day job gets in the way of my band.” That’s so depressing! Logistics—like making time and space for all of your favorite stuffs—can sometimes feel forced, impossible, uncomfortable. On the new moon, find ways to—instead of trying to carve out space from one crowded life-area to jam in a smidgen from another—focus on finding where they harmonize, and can maybe even overlap a little. If you’re sad because you can’t see your girlfriend as much because of your summer job, see if she wants to get coffee and walk to work with you in the morning for some double-up commute and QT time. If your mom is sad because you’re not in town this summer and you don’t get to hang, set up a hourly Skype call with her so you can cook dinner “together.” Instead of cramming things in, overlap them in ways that are good compromises with life, without compromising your energy.