This morning we went out to breakfast. I watched my sister over our eggs in a basket, and when she finally made eye contact with me we laughed. This entire trip has been going so well. We called Dad today and, although I miss him, I’m worried about how bored we will be when we get back home. Boredom leads to fighting.

No one else wanted to go on a day trip with us. It ended up being just my aunt and me in the car and I’m grateful for that. Driving around in the desert is something I’ve always loved. The only thing you can see are rocks all around. You can actually set your phone down; the lack of service really helps.

We came across the International Banana Museum. Yeah it’s a thing and it’s amazing. For the entry price of $1 you’re allowed to roam the one room that holds the largest collection of banana memorabilia. If you do happen to find this gem try the frozen banana.

When we got back to the car it was only a 30 minute drive to the place we had set out for. Salvation Mountain is gorgeous. It’s more of a hill but it’s amazing nonetheless. It was painted by Leonard Knight over 30 years ago. The colorful mountain is adorned with scripture. If you’re close enough to visit it you really should, if not at least Google it because my descriptions can’t do it justice. Even if you aren’t religious it’s a sight to see. You can feel the passion of everyone who works there’s to keep it looking beautiful.

I’m content with how lovely today was, but I can’t wait to go to sleep. ♦