Thoughts from the void, or things I’ve thought and written down today.

i. OK, what am I writing? I’m trying to distract myself and prevent a panic attack.

ii. Loud people sitting next to me—a bit awkward.

ii. Life is so complicated and inconvenient. Some people get to stroll through like it’s nothing, but most of us have to wade through a swamp, maybe climb up a hill. Then there are those who have to defeat Everest.

iii. Oh no! Straight people are kissing—pardon me, making the fuck out. Not that if a gay couple were making out on public transport I wouldn’t be mildly uncomfortable, but when they’re straight I pretend that we live in a world where straight couples are considered perverse and different.

iv. Swearing has lost all meaning, the word fuck no longer has the same effect it once did. There was a time when “crap” would get you grounded, now you might as well be calling a bunny cute. ♦