I had my wisdom teeth taken out, so Iā€™m currently living on painkillers and soft food. I’ve never been particularly good at dealing with pain. Sharp pain I can handle, but that’s because it usually subsides quite quickly. But the dull, achy pain of a toothache, or I guess, in this case, a gum ache, is so frustrating and just ouch. My mum has been looking after me. She made me soup on the first day and my dad bought me a bunch of yogurt and custard.

It was really strange when I woke up from the anesthetic: My tongue and bottom lip were numb and my throat ached. The nurses were busy around me and there was a strange moaning noise from the space in front of me. The nurse removed the tube from my arm and I was wheeled to another room where I was given water and yogurt.

I wasn’t too worried about the surgery because I know it’s something that many have gone through, and just before I was put to sleep I thought, If my dad can go through heart surgery then I can have my teeth taken out. ♦