It was nearly 5 AM. Sun was about to rise. All windows of our little car were open. We let the fresh air come in. Next to me, two of my friends were giggling and making weird hand moves out of the window. It made me smile. We were all dying from sleepiness but none of us had a tendency to waste this beautiful night. Stars were about to get lost and it was the time of the sun to shine. Five to six kilometers later, we saw a beach. I was starving so I suggested to eat our sandwiches on the beach.

We found a big towel. We lay down and started to eat our homemade sandwiches and cookies while watching the stars leave.

We started to discuss how’d it be like if we could live in space. Would we be able to see the stars from there, too?

I never wanted that moment to end. I felt the happiness running through my veins. I felt like everything I’ve ever dreamt had became real on that long, empty, sandy beach. I was smiling to the stars, with the stars.

I closed my eyes to let the sun rays burn my pale skin.

My friend woke me up after a sleep that felt like I’d never slept before. When we got back to our car, I saw the same bright smile in all of my friends’ faces. I had a feeling like, when those stars got lost, they had become one with our souls, like we’ll never be sad again, like all of the broken pieces inside us glued each other with the stars.

No one said a word for a few hours. The silence told me more than any word could tell. That silence made me love my friends even more. They were magical, full of love, hope, and joy. I kept smiling while the wind was washing my face. I just couldn’t stop.

—By Elif B., 17, Turkey