Foreshadowing on the Road for a Great Big Move

Wake to an empty room.
And the feeling of an air mattress in need of inflation.

With a backpack of hope
And a suitcase of things I once felt were too important to let go.

Leaving for the last time.

One last look before we go

And begin on a long dreamed road
To our new home

Each glance or the eye,
A final goodbye.

Goodbye old school

Goodbye the shops,
The epitome of suburban culture
Dotted with the classics
American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret, Barnes and Noble, Bath and Body Works
The backdrop of my panic attacks.
I will never miss you.

Goodbye the Sherwin-Williams we always passed,
Merely an unvisited landmark of location
Who thought I would ever miss the sight of your familiar umbrella?
As I pass you this one last time

Goodbye forgotten pond in front of the gym,
Too bad I never noticed your true beauty until now

We leave our final mark in spray paint at Cadillac Ranch
Then go forward leaving the dust behind us

Pulled by an unknown velocity
Going at the speed of 70 mph
Into the unknown.

We stay the night in Colorado Springs
At a hotel with an oversized tablet of the Ten Commandments
Outside the entrance
that towers over my head.

We walk on a path of green brush
Amongst the canvas desert
Of Garden of The Gods
Then we hit the road again.
Becoming fully submerged in a road trip limbo
Of background tunes, reading material, and fast food
In our car bubble

We rest in Utah to rest for a day
We take a hike in my mother’s paradise
To a waterfall
Which my dad moves closer to
While my mom stays behind
They eventually come together again.
And we keep hiking.
Then we’re in for the long stretch
When the limbo wears off
Your dog gets sick.
Your butt goes numb.
And everyone become restless.

We will get there.

We stop for gas or to pee
In towns and places not meant to be remembered.

And we make it back to the road
Counting the hours
To when we will make it to our final destination
And just
before we grow too restless

We stop and enjoy the sight of the beautiful waterfall and rainbow.

When night falls we enjoy ourselves again
Though we see nothing through the rainy darkness
And just when you think you are about to be so tired you could fall asleep
We make our way

—By Emily O., 17, Washington