The Cottage

My family has owned the cottage since before I was born, and every year something new changes. It has gone from having a playground, a badminton court, and an area for playing horseshoes, and now it has a great barbecuing area with picnic tables and chairs, with a canopy that hangs above our heads.

I spent all my summers there as a kid, but as I grew into my preteen years, the fact that there was no wifi sadly drew me away. Now that I’m older, I love to go back there on the weekends with my mother to meet the rest of my family that spends their whole summers there. The best part is the drive.

My mom and I pack our favorite albums, which include Drake and the 1975 for me, and every single Taylor Swift album for her. We alternate throughout the three-hour long drive, but we somehow always end up repeating Taylor’s “All Too Well” for half the drive. As we near the cottage, we stop at a Tim Hortons for donuts and coffees for my family, and continue on the drive through fields and fields of nothing but wheat, corn, and cows. My heart starts racing as we reach the township where the cottage is located, which has one grocery store, a McDonald’s, and a movie theater. We turn left; there’s a small little cemetery that my grandfather always makes a joke at (“How many dead people are buried there?” The answer is: all of them.) And we pass the go-kart tracks and the mini-golf club and we see the beach in the far distance.

After about half an hour of more driving past small, colorful homes and water wells, we reach the beach that brings back half the memories of my whole life. Across from the beach is a great arcade where you can get your fortune told while playing Deal or No Deal and eating ice cream. We pass the beach store and make it on the unpaved street of the cottage. Once we pull up, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents are either tending to the fireplace, or chatting on the large front porch. They welcome us with hugs and cheek kisses.

My mom and I stay the weekend, before heading home, seeing all the town’s attractions in reverse before making it to the big city where we started!

—By Brianna A., 15