Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

There’s a whole lot of soul-seeking to do as we mosey closer and closer to summer break. This month will feel, in many ways, like the final act of spring. Major transformations ahead! Get hip to the details, and in touch with your inner-spirit vibes, thanks to our guest astrologer for May, Sabrina of Monarch Astrology! Lead the way, Sabrina…

Sabrina, on May’s astrological trends:

New moon in Taurus, May 6: This new moon is a reset button on self-worth and self-love. It’s harmoniously aspecting Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, which makes for ease in planning practical next steps for the fruition of goals and dreams, as well as for letting go of self-imposed limitations. This moon will support us in taking a look at where we are (negatively) comfortable and complacent, and in and stepping up and out of ruts. It will also help us luxuriate in the fruits of work we’ve already initiated. With this new moon, we’re as good as we’ll believe, so treat yourself well and get ready for a new vibration of self-regard. The tendency for excess of pleasure is there, but if you channel it toward something that’s actually good for you AND feels good, you’re building yourself up for the long-run, rather than setting yourself up for a crash.

Full moon in Sagittarius, May 21: There is some love and magic in seeing the world in a new way. With this full moon, we are encouraged to stay flexible and fluid in our minds, so that we may be open to nourishing information—information that may help guide us along on our destined path. Sometimes we come to treasure, or find home, in one particular truth. The moon is conjunct our retrograding Mars, and so some light will be shed on truths that we may be up in arms about. When it comes to fighting for our truth, we’ll have more luck in understanding that the truth changes, and that it takes adaptability to keep up. Our openness helps us undo the armor we no longer need.

Mercury in retrograde through May 22; Mercury stations direct May 22: The Mercury retrograde season that began at the end of April is over on May 22, though Mercury will still be in shadow (not yet past the point it originally stationed retrograde) until June 7. With Mercury in Taurus, we are gathering more language and information on our self-talk and self-image, the ways in which we categorize ourselves and our identities. And even though so much of this is up to us, we can get locked into headspaces all the same. This transit benefits from loving self-discourse. Observe the way that your inner-dialogues change when you switch data streams: Eat something new, pick up a magazine you’ve never read. It can be so simple, and yet so intoxicating at the same time. Mercury is a shapeshifter, and Taurus relates to the world of pleasure—not all sensory information is equally pleasurable. You can totally upgrade.

Venus in Gemini opposite Mars in Sagittarius, May 24: There is polarization between feminine and masculine forces here. This is an active, mirroring dance, so the movement in one is going to mirror the same in the other. In Gemini, we are dealing with lots of information and an adaptable mind and tongue; the ability to speak different languages. In Sagittarius, we are contending with the bigger picture, and a concept of what truth is. Both of these signs can sing it—or bullshit—like no other. Pay attention to what tempts you to play to other people’s truths, or an ideal of what yours is. The less seriously you can take an idea, the more you can be open to the infinite ideas available at any moment, and the more fun you can have with this transit. Think cleverness and philosophizing. Wit seduces, and so does seriousness in good fun. Engage what “relationship” means to you— what dynamic exchange is, and how in partnership (official or not) everything is connected.

Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius, May 26: The more we are willing to show up for the work that relates to our dreams—those things which we seek— the more the Universe will expand for us with this transit. It’s common to feel bombarded emotionally with this transit; to go from feeling optimism and tons of energy to make dreams happen, to feeling bleak or depressed, overworked and tired. The push-pull is related to the criss of finding balance between the hustle, of actively engaging in our work, and in taking leisure time, time to unwind, time to feel and let things come to us. Not everything is meant to come easy. Ride these highs, and when the lows dip in, remember the Jupiter-Saturn square. It will hopefully make you feel a little better until the sunshine comes out again, as it will. Minor adjustments—like a walk outside or staying hydrated—will make a world of emotional and physical difference. Try not to give in to the drama of a bad mood more than it needs you to.

Gotcha, Sabrina, gotcha, thank you! So how does this all shake out for each sign? Read on!

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