If you’re an avid DIYer, you probably already know about Washi tape and its seemingly infinite uses. It has a real knack for making whatever you stick it to—like pen pal letters or journals—instantly cuter. But did you know that you can make some seriously fun hair accessories with it, too? I’ll show you how!

What you’ll need:


  • Washi tape—this stuff comes in every pattern/color/finish imaginable (There’s even glitter and holographic versions too!)
  • Alligator clip barrettes (or any barrette that has a completely flat surface)
  • Flat-back cabochon charms (Delish Beads is an excellent source for these.)
  • Mod Podge or school glue
  • “Dimensional” glue
  • A small piece of cardboard
  • An X-Acto knife or small scissors

How to do it:

Step One


Start by cutting strips of Washi tape long enough to cover the length of your barrettes.

Step Two


Place the barrette, flat-side down, on the sticky side of the tape. Use an X-Acto knife or small scissors to trim the excess tape away from the barrette.

Step Three


Use your fingers to press out any air bubbles in the tape.

Step Four


Because the Washi tape is slightly transparent, whatever finish your barrette blanks may be (usually metallic) will show through a little. This actually ends up giving a neat shimmery finish to the Washi tape design. If you want to cover up that metallic finish, though, you can also just paint the tops with white acrylic paint or nail polish before pressing on the tape.

Step Five


After taping the barrettes, use a Q-tip to add a layer or two of Mod Podge or school glue over the tops of each barrette. This will help seal in the ink on the design and prevent it from bleeding when you put the dimensional glue on top later. Let the Mod Podge dry completely before moving on to the next step!

Step Six


To seal the barrettes, grab the dimensional glue and a straight pin to help spread it around.

Step Seven


Clip your barrettes to a piece of cardboard (this will help stabilize them and allow them to lie completely flat) and squeeze a bit of glue onto the tops of each one.

Step Eight


Spread the glue around in an even layer with the head of a pin. Pay close attention to the outer edges of the barrette to make sure the tape is sealed in.

Step Nine


The glue will look a little cloudy at first, but once it starts to set, it will dry crystal clear.

Step Ten


While the glue is still tacky (I waited around 10 or 15 minutes), press your charms into the glue at the front of the barrette opening to secure in place.


And you’re done! Now all you gotta do is clip them on and admire your handiwork. ♦