I haven’t been feeling my best this week. I’ve had big “this determines what schools you’re going to be eligible for” tests every day at school, and when I get home I sat on my bed and worried about them all. From this entry, and some of my previous diaries, too, you can probably tell I’m not a huge fan of standardized tests.

One thing I AM a huge fan of is videos about wisdom tooth removal. Countless Instagram pages and YouTube compilations show the hilarious after effects that whatever medicine they use to put you to sleep has after you wake up. These videos have been keeping me calm.

My grandma often tells me the story of my uncle freely expressing his love for everyone at the orthodontist the day his teeth were removed, and then trying to jump out of the car at the drive-through at a fast food place. It makes me think about what I might be like after having my wisdom teeth removed. I’ve seen videos of people letting out their secrets in front of their parents while still a bit loopy. Umm…yikes?!

Admittedly I’m not one for breaking the rules—when I do I always get caught—but now I feel like I have a new question to ask myself when I’m feeling rebellious: “Is this something you want dad to find out while you’re under the influence of laughing gas?” ♦