Living in 3D.

Living in 3D.

Decorating your face can be taken to extreme(ly fun) levels, all of which I’m here for! Today I’m going to show you how to adorn your face with sculptural, contoured decorations like simple thread accents and bold flowers. These easy-to-execute tricks will add very real dimension to your look.

What you’ll need:


  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Eyelash glue
  • Flower petals and tiny flowers

How to create loopy shapes on your face with thread:

Step One


Cut a 10-inch piece of thread (or a piece that is a length proportionate to your face size).

Step Two

Line the thread with lash glue! Let it set for a minute.

Step Three


Wrap the thread around your face accordingly! The longer the thread, the more loops and fun shapes you can create.

Step Four


Carefully clip the end of the thread, and embrace your mini masterpiece!

How to make a mini garden on your mug:

Step One


Dab a thin layer of glue on your petals or tiny flowers, then give the glue 15 seconds to set.

Step Two


Apply the tiny flowers around the contours and curves of your face. Allow for at least two minutes of drying time.


You are 3D and ready 2 go!

And with both of these looks, you should be able to easily remove the eyelash glue with a little makeup remover or olive oil ;) ♦