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How We Live is a series centering on the lived experience and thought of black teenagers.

Last week, as part of our ongoing How We Live series, we asked Amandla Stenberg if they would be up for answering your questions about activism, confidence, hair, gender/sexuality, pronouns, organizing, school, dealing with racism, artmaking…STUFF. And they were! In this video—recorded just moments before they had to get ready for prom—Amandla gives their advice about getting comfortable with your sexuality and identity, figuring out how to respond to people who laugh at your hair, and just being your biggest, baddest self: “You are real. Your identity is real. What you’re fighting for—your words, your power—that’s all real.”

And that’s just ONE highlight. Thank you, Amandla! We <3 you, and we'll let you take it from here...