Come sail away with me.

Come sail away with me.

I’ve been inspired by the eccentric dreaminess of recent eye makeup trends, and tried my hand at translating them into an easy-to-execute spring look. Behold: The Life Eye-Quatic.

What you’ll need:

How to do it:

Step One


With the blue shadow pencil, trace your upper eyelids, starting at the inner corners of the eyes. Make the lines of color nice and thick! At the eyes’ outer corners, extend the lines and make little triangles, but with less sass than a classic cat-eye. Keep the lines straight rather than curling outward and upward, like so:


Step Two


Go for green! Grab your green shadow pencil and make short lines under the lower lashes, starting at the outer corners of your eyes.

Step Three


Dab the green shadow pencil in the inner corners of your eyes. Draw over some of the blue shadow that was already there (this will make the blue look like it is transforming into green, which is #amazing).

Step Four


With the green shadow pencil, draw short, vivid lines underneath your lower lash lines, then blend. You’re going for a slight shimmer to lighten the under-eyes.

Step Five


Finish with a few coats of non-clumpy mascara. This look is about what’s going on around the eyes. And that’s all! It’s smooth sailing from here. ♦