Outlook: Rosy.

Outlook: Rosy.

My mother says that when I was born, there were pink roses in the delivery room. When I was old enough to walk, I started stealing pink roses from our neighbor’s garden. Now, when my birthday rolls around in the springtime, I look for roses growing around every corner in my New York neighborhood. My favorite thing about seeing these flowers in groups is how they’re all one color, but that the hue varies in tone and intensity from petal to petal. For this Makeup Trick, I’m taking a rosy color and playing with its intensity on the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

What you’ll need:

  • A creamy, pigmented makeup that can be worn on the eyes, lips, and cheeks (here are a couple examples by E.l.f. and NARS.)

How to do it:

Step One


With a fingertip, apply the creamy pigment over your eyelids, then blend.

Step Two


So that the eye color stays in place, dust a powder blush or eyeshadow in a similar shade (if you happen to have one) over your lids. I used a powder blush and focused the application near the base of my upper eyelashes.

Step Three


Blend the same pigment onto the apples of your cheeks. To bring down the intensity, blend foundation along the color’s perimeter.

Step Four


Dab the pigment on your lips, to tie the look together.


Once you get this trick down pat, you can experiment. A gloss would look really pretty over the pigment on your lips. You could even try out a purple or peach hue instead! ♦