My makeup stays mostly the same throughout the year, but there is something about longer days that inspires me to lighten up. Here’s how you can use creamy highlighter to illuminate your regular makeup look at a moment’s notice.

Step One


Dab cream highlighter on the high points of your face—the bridge of your nose and cheekbones. I did this after I’d put on all the rest of my makeup, including powder. As a general rule, it’s not ideal to layer cream makeup over powder makeup because it can get sticky. In this case, I applied the creamy highlighter in such small areas that it went on just fine.

Step Two


Blend the highlighter outwards, and with tapping motions so the shine doesn’t completely melt into the skin. Finish off by dusting a powder highlighter, if you have it, over the look to really seal the shine in place.


Ahhh, bask in that glow! ♦