deeply rooted
Entangling, ensnaring my heart
I freeze
Paralysed, unable to move
A hand clutching my heart
Making me tremble
Making me terrified
All I feel is a stone cold chill up my spine
Fear grasps me
Refusing to leave me
Whispering horrifying thoughts into my ear
Breathing on the back of my neck
Making all the hairs on my body stand on end
cold, heartless fear
I feel the dread and the fright and the terror running through my veins like electricity
I am frozen to the spot
The fear is in my head
It decides to torment me
I start to whimper
Then a hand so warm and so soft grips mine and I feel the heavy weight lifted off my poor old heart
I am free from the fear that overtook me
I can finally breathe
I can finally move

By Phoebe Sava