5 A.M. on a Thursday

I tend to get these nightmares about
The Week you Spent
Dizzy in Your Socks,
leaning out of the window
sending violins through
telephone wires.
Your mom said you were asleep
but I could have sworn
you were draped in fur,
flinging journal entries
onto the highway…

And I only bring these
things up because
I recall being six
watching the older girls
hold hands
and nibble on the same cookies-
the world felt prettier that way.

So please, bear with me
I’ll put it plain and straight:
You were born a fluttering dreamer
everyday will be romantic
and you’ll wilt, and you’ll ache,
and you’ll linger
even death will seem more tragic.

But there’s magic in this!
There’s power, and there’s purpose.
Don’t you agree?

Forget your heartache.
Let it be beautiful
and set it free.

By Nicole Alexis Ozuna