Pretty, Pretty


The Maryland wind is pushing through the one window you insist on keeping open
Everything outside is becoming a martyr for spring
You are here
Small and stained slowly with what this earth has for you
Smile through, smile through


It’s not uncommon for this to happen with age
It’s been with you from the start
But now it’s being put into use


Screaming won’t get you heard if you’re the only one in the room
Extend your hands until they lay on skin
Listen and nod
Everyone is speaking


It’s unconvincing the way you speak of love
Wrapped up in things you can’t afford
They want to be here
But only send messages explaining why they aren’t


Emerging from nests built out of bed sheets
Rolling until you’re at the door
Join the crowd to dance and sing the lyrics
Be primal
Be everything


It seems the town has moved away
and has left you dog-eared in shoe boxes
Keep on with this
A legacy in your head
I dare not topple over
What you have built and shown

By Zara Medugu