Going to an Alex G/Porches concert with my best friend Dionisia is probably the best thing that’s happened recently. I really love Alex G!!!

The visual diarist Briana G told me about him (a boy on Tinder told me about him too, but that’s a different story) and I listened to his most recent album Beach Music first. It was just so good—I liked everything about his sound. It’s kinda weird how fast I formed a connection to his songs; In a short time they came to mean a lot to me. His home recording process makes the music feel more relatable, or accessible. The work he puts into making his music really comes through when you’re listening to it, which makes the experience more intimate. I feel close to him.

I’ve been wondering for a really long time whether he’s an Aquarius or a Pisces. Since I’m a Pisces, I was hoping he was a Pisces too, since I feel like I understand him. For example, my favorite song on Beach Music is “Walk,” and in his interview with Rookie he said HIS favorite song is “Walk,” which is like, OK obviously me and him are the same person to an extent.

Anyways, the concert was super cool. I ran into some internet pals and talked with them which is a whole other experience in itself. At concerts like these, I get really anxious because there’s a certain look you have to have, and I always worry that I don’t look the part. And, if there are any other black people out there who go to these kinds of shows, you know how you feel that you really have to dress like you belong because you’re probably the only black person there? Well, my outfit was good and so was my hair and makeup so I felt pretty confident about being there!

A combination of me connecting to Alex G’s music, my stellar outfit, and Dio’s encouragement gave me the confidence to ask him after the show if he was an Aquarius or a Pisces. He said he’s an Aquarius which makes a lot of sense: That must be why I feel like I know him, because although I’m a Pisces I’m also Aquarius dominant. This entry has ended up just being me rambling about astrology, which I’m always doing: It’s just really interesting to me. My main point is that I’m really glad I got to see Alex G. And talk to him about astrology. ♦