Witch’s House

You should try picking the bones off your skin.
Than washing all the Marrow from under your fingernails
you should never wear your insides out.

are you feeling insides out lately?
cause They took your picture
running to the morgue last night
with no rhythm in your hips
every step you took was one word of a eulogy
you were writing for yourself

Can you identify this body, child.

Did you have a twin

you need to learn to scrape the bones out of the skin you’re in

It’s hurting right?

I bet it’s hurting real bad.

Take all of your bones off child
before you get to the morgue.
Take all of your bones off, child
and leave them in a river somewhere
where Nostalgia sits heavy on the tongue
like a bitter thing.

Sit still child.
Haven’t you ever seen a dead body before.

I told you to take all you bones of before you stepped foot in this house of mine.

Step outside and shake them off.

I told you not to wear your heart all over yourself like this.

By Aaya Perez