Illustration by Mithsuca Berry.

Illustration by Mithsuca Berry.


Abandoned in this room
with the low lights and no cricket sounds
I hum, hum, hum until my eyes turn black.
and I sing, sing, sing until my thoughts go dry and hazy.

You—with the happiness and accomplishments
with the dainty piano fingertips and
quiet afternoons.

Me—I have no peace.
only shadows with sun in my window
no coat when it rains, rains, rains
no red in this blue, blue, blue.

Yes! A mind top filled with charcoal and
a body sick with the flu.

Where in space did I miss my one, my chance
To shine, shine, shine?
Oh—If I’m happy I’m truly just frightened
As I stare and stare at the wall.

By Madi Guthrie