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Refer to this pic for Step One.

Spring: A season characterized by fluffy chicks, bunnies, and other baby animals. Here’s a way to achieve that expression of innocence through a Bambi-inspired doe-eyed makeup look ;)

What you’ll need:

How to do it:

Step One

Start with a light layer of BB cream and any other foundation that you use daily. Just the basics. Oh, and put some gel on those eyebrows if you’ve got it ;)

Step Two

DSCF0696 (1280x934)

Starting at the middle of your eye line, trace downward with the liquid eyeliner. I chose brown because it’s still totally noticeable, but not as severe as black eyeliner—perfect for the type of look we’re trying to achieve. At the end of the eye line, wing your liner at a slight angle upward. Nearly straight, but with a flick, like above.

Step Three

DSCF0700 (1280x1026)

At the two-third mark of your lower lash line, start lining lightly. When you reach the end of your lower eye line, take a slight dip with your eyeliner and have it meet up with the top line’s flick, to create the shape you see above.

Step Four

DSCF0771 (1280x960)

Dots! With the eyeliner, dot the inner corner of your eye three times. Make the middle one a little bit bigger than the other two.

Step Five

DSCF0826 (1280x960)

With the neutral eye pencil, line your lower lash line. I used a pencil a couple shades lighter than my skin tone, so that it wasn’t like, WOW, but was still noticeable.

Step Six

DSCF0812 (1280x960)

Now you’re going to use your basic mascara application procedure. Don’t get super clumpy here with, like, 50 swipes, but the goal is “most sassy mascara.”

LINEcamera_share_2016-03-22-12-18-58 (960x1280)

All done! ♦