I've got one hand in my pocket, and the other one's giving a peeeaace siiiiiiign.

I’ve got one hand in my pocket, and the other one’s giving a peeeaace siiiiiiign.

Nothing says, “Hello, I am a world-famous rock god, I make my own rules,” like…decorated denim! With this simple stencil DIY, you’ll have a pair of jeans with some real STAR QUALITY, totally befitting someone as glamorous as yourself.

What you’ll need:

  • A pencil or pen
  • Squares of cardstock or cardboard
  • An X-Acto knife
  • An old (or thrifted) pair of jeans or shorts
  • Newspaper or scrap paper
  • Fabric spray paint. I used two whole cans, so take that into account when you’re deciding how much to buy!
  • Tape
  • A piece of cardboard that roughly measures the width of the leg of your jeans/shorts.


How to do it:

Step One


Draw a star on the square of cardstock or cardboard, leaving a couple inches of blank space around each side. There’s no right or wrong size for the stars, but for reference, mine were about six inches at their widest points. Cut the star out with an X-Acto knife. Throw out the star, and hang on to your new stencil! For variance in the star pattern, I made three different stencils. This is totally optional, but a good way to keep your stars from looking too uniform.

Step Two

Lay your jeans or shorts out on a flat, even surface. (Make sure that the area surrounding them is covered with old newspaper or something like it to avoid messy paint splatters.) Place a clean piece of cardboard inside the leg of the pants. (This will prevent paint from leaking through to the other side.)

Step Three


Smooth out the area of the jeans/shorts that you want to put a star on, and lay the stencil down, making sure that it is FLUSH AGAINST THE FABRIC! That way, you’ll get clean lines when you start painting. Taping the stencil down also helps: I fold up a few pieces of tape and use them to secure the star’s inside corners to pants, too. Once the stencil is flush with the fabric, use some extra cardboard or cardstock to cover up the fabric around the stencil.

Step Four


Now it’s time to paint! Shake up the fabric spray paint, then spray over the stencil as evenly as you can. This absolutely does NOT have to be perfect. I think this look coolest if the stars are a little messy!

Step Five


Carefully remove the stencil and cardboard/cardstock, and repeat Steps Three through Four as many times as you want—it all depends on how many stars you’re aiming for.

Step Six

Wait for the stars to dry, and then flip the jeans/shorts over. Repeat Steps Three through Four again on that side.


YAY! You’ve got yourself a pair of very starry jeans <3 ♦