Dear Guidance Counselor,

As you know, the junior packet asks me to explain any grades I feel I may be of issue when applying to college. The only grade I really need to explain is the inevitable C I will get in chemistry this year, and for that, I must inform you of something.

The day I was supposed to take my chemistry midterm, I began feeling extreme pain and was rushed into surgery. The next day, many of my relatives called me and said they were happy things hadn’t been worse, that I hadn’t died. I didn’t even know I could’ve died. In fact, the day I had surgery, all I could think about was the fact I was missing my chemistry midterm. And that sparked the realization. If I had died, it wouldn’t have mattered that I’d never the taken the test, or gotten an inevitable C in the class, because I’d be dead.

I could die at any moment. I could die before I finish this little note. Boom. Gone forever. My transcript isn’t going on my tombstone. And part of that has to do with my plan to be cryogenically frozen, but more importantly is that no one’s grades are meticulously sorted through whence they die, or remembered past junior packet grade explanations.

I will get a C in chemistry this year. Primarily because I am bad at science, but more so because I realized I didn’t need to be good.

All the best,

Simone Rembert ♦