The first day I lost my sanity was a Wednesday, there was snow on the ground, the air was crisp and sweet. I could feel my heart expanding in my chest. Today is a Monday and I’ve lost what was left of my sanity. It wasn’t lost, my mistake, it was stolen, along with my heart. Most people have things stolen in the middle of the night by a masked person carrying a brown sack. But you abducted my heart at 3:55 PM while I was busy working. You ran away with it using just your words, written probably while you lay in bed.

I left a trail of breadcrumbs from your soul to mine, in the hope that you would follow them, like no one else could. But you didn’t, you stood there and stared as the crows picked up each fragment, one by one. Until what was left? Me alone, standing under a ladder—just to reaffirm my bad luck.

I’ve tried to wrap up my heart in bubble wrap, wearing layers upon layers and my thickest winter coat, but look where I am. Alone and stuck to the idea that you could save me from the looming pain my life brings me. But that was never your job so I can’t blame you. ♦