Collage by Jao San Pedro.

Collage by Jao San Pedro.

Mabuhay! That’s how we say hello where I’m from. I’m turning 15, and I’m trying to find my “fashion identity,” but just how do you do that? Really love the closets of Chanel Oberlin and Cher Horowitz, but wearing fur is not advisable in my country. Any tips on how to incorporate elements of their styles into my wardrobe? —Andrea, 15, Philippines

Mabuhay, Andrea! First off, I TOO am a big fan of bodacious style goddesses Chanel (of Scream Queens) and Cher (of Clueless). Though the icons’ personalities differ greatly (I don’t know about you, but I’d SO rather hang out with Cher than Chanel), they share a similar fashion sense. Both ladies constantly wear outfits that make a statement. While they clearly have access to high-end designers, their signature looks can be easily replicated by those of us who do not. (Trust, I already dress like them with my couture-lacking wardrobe.)


Top row: Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin on Scream Queens. Bottom row: Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz in Clueless.

Looking at the examples above, we can see that the main components of Chanel’s outfits include bubblegum-hued furs and structured skirt sets, while Cher’s are made up of collared shirts and plaid mini skirts. In the imaginary Venn diagram that illustrates their overlapping looks, PRETTY PASTELS are at the center. As you shop, I implore you to look for mini skirts and collared shirts in pastel pinks and baby blues because they will automatically scream “CHANEL AND CHER!”

Let’s take a look at a C+C moodboard for more inspiration:


Clockwise from top left: Pink faux fur coat, $60, Zaful; blouse, $20, Forever 21; plaid skirt, $17, Forever 21; mini dress with faux fur trim, $60, ASOS.

If faux fur is suitable for where you live, weather-wise, the first thing I’d suggest is a pastel pink faux fur jacket, like this baby from Rotita. But if all-over fur, even of the faux variety, is just ridiculous for your country’s climate, you can scale back with faux fur-trimmed clothing (that silky dress in the collage above is SO very Cher) or accessories like this purse and this collar.

Pleated mini skirts are another Chanel/Cher-friendly addition to your closet. I love this pink faux leather mini, this striped lace stunner, this pleated black number, and this one with suspenders. A collared shirt would look so cute with all of the above. I also highly recommend mini backpack like this pink one!

I checked, and most of the online shops I linked to above will ship to the Philippines. Even still, it’s a good idea to read up on customs information! If you forgo the online shopping route all together, these tips are starting points for when you hit the mall or local shops. Have fun! —Marie

Hey, Rooks. Do you know how hard it is to find tops suitable for a hijabi? I’m talking long sleeves, not see-through but also not too thick, a narrow-ish neckline so I don’t have to constantly fiddle with it, and not cropped. It’s so hard!!! I’m often stuck with wearing a billion layers so I can cover up properly. Where can I find hijabi-friendly clothes that are also not too $$$ (because your girl is broke)? Much love. —Yasmin

Hi, Yasmin! Girl, I FEEL YOU. It’s so hard being a hijabi sometimes. On one hand, you want to express yourself and be stylish, and on the other you have some “restrictions.” Either way, it’s really hard to find shirts that aren’t cropped, and when you do find something, there’s a risk of veering into grandma territory. The good news is: I GOT YOU. The internet is a treasure trove of beautiful tops that fit your criteria and won’t kill you financially. One of my go-top places is always ASOS, because it has literally everything in any price range. And if you don’t have a credit card, they accept PayPal! The best thing about ASOS is that you can customize your searches super well by price and exact style, like “long sleeve.” I’m looking right now, and they have some pretty cute tops that won’t break the bank and would keep you cool when it gets warmer. I could see a top with splits like this looking nice, and also this flow-y long top in the same color. If you want something that you can wear with pretty much anything, I do really love this shirt as well—especially if you’re into a hijabi grunge look (which is something that should definitely be a trend).

Another great website for “modest” fashion is Inayah. They have all sorts of loose-fitting trousers, skirts, dresses, and NOT CROP TOPS. While sometimes things there can run a little on the pricier side (the site’s independently owned, so it makes sense), I found this great sale top that you could wear tucked in or loose. I’m very into loose tops like that, not only because they’re not too tight but they literally feel like *Ned Flanders voice* you’re wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all.

Believe it or not, Nordstrom has some great sales sometimes, too. This striped top is sold out now, but last time I checked it was only $14! It looks so comfy and relaxed, but with the right hijab and accessories it could also look pretty polished, too.

One last thing: ShopStyle is a great resource for finding stuff for any budget, and from a huge array of stores all over the internet. Happy shopping! —Sarah

Hi! So my bat mitzvah is coming up, and I need to start looking for a dress. I want a Cecilia Lisbon-esque dress, like the one that she wears to the party at the beginning of the movie, but I’m not sure where to find it. Any suggestions? Also, what kind of shoes should I wear with it? —Ava, 13, Pennsylvania

Still from The Virgin Suicides via The Alien Ceremony.

Still from The Virgin Suicides via The Alien Ceremony.

The kind of dress Cecilia wears in that scene is a white, three-tiered, sleeveless lace dress. While it’s pretty easy to find a white lace dress, you might run into some trouble finding one exactly like that—unless you get it custom made by a seamstress. If you’re feeling shopping-adventurous, you can scour thrift stores and peruse Etsy to find vintage dresses that have a similar style, like this 1970s Gunne Sax dress, this drop-waisted style, or this 1960s nightdress. I also like this pretty periwinkle gown.

For new, non-vintage styles, I like these:


From left: Lace dress, $111, ASOS; tiered lace dress, $50, Roamans; tea dress with illusion neckline, $80, Modcloth.

I also love this maxi dress, this shorter style, and this one with a “Bardot” neckline. Some of these are labeled as “wedding dresses,” but that’s just marketing. Don’t feel weird about it.

As for shoes, a solid bet is to wear white shoes to match. These strappy sandals are plain but pretty and will do the trick if you’re not fixin’ to get too fancy in the footwear department. These heels might be a little high, but I love the heart detail. These teeny tiny heels are super cute, as are these, with their sweet bejeweled bows. If you want to spice things up color-wise, I’d shoot for silver. I love this glitter pair of heels, and these ballet beauts if you prefer flats. Hope this helps! —Marie


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Hello, my darling boo-boos! I’m sad to announce that this will be my last Damn Girl column! I am embarking on a new leg of my career journey and sadly have to bid adieu to this wonderful li’l space that I have called home for the past five years! WAHHHHHH! ::throws glittery platform shoe to the sky::

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