Ready for Valentine's Day!

Ready for Valentine’s Daaaaaay!

Today I’m going to show you a simple makeup trick that defines that curved part at the very top of your lips, also known as the “cupid’s bow.” If you have a hot date this Valentine’s Dump (@notmelol), or have been looking for a kewt lip look, this tutorial goes out to you! And to everyone! But especially you! ;)

What you’ll need:

  • Lip balm
  • A brightly colored lipstick (No nudes! Hehe…)
  • A shimmery eyeshadow (the lighter, the better)
  • Tissue

How to do it:

Step One


Apply no more than two swipes of lip balm to your bottom and top lips. (If you layer too much on, your lipstick will get slimy and like a magnet on teeth, which is my number-one cause of makeup paranoia.) Then, the fun part! Coat your mouth in brightly colored lipstick :)

Step Two


Take your pointer finger (or whatever finger) and sweep it through the light, shimmery shadow. Gently pat it on the center of your top lip; you’re basically trying to create an ombré effect. Because I absolutely draw the line at gunking up my precious shadows, I recommend taking a tissue and wiping your finger clean in between shimmery shadow swipes. Your finger—as gently as you may have dabbed—will take with it some of that gosh darn troublemakin’ lipstick.

Step Three


Do the same dabbing of the shadow on the center of your bottom lip!

Step Four


As a finishing touch, add a little—then a little more—shimmery shadow to the dip above your top lip. Concentrate the shimmer in the lowest part. You can also tap a bit of the shimmer above the twin peaks of your top lip.


Done and done! Boys/girls/everyone will be all “oOOoohh SHINY” at your cupid’s woah lip amazingness ;) ♦