Ready for my close-up.

Ready for my close-up.

I was slow to accept that I had to wear glasses. I’d gone from not being able to read a fast food menu, to squinting to see words in a book. I thought wearing specs meant I wouldn’t be able to experiment with eye makeup anymore, and I mourned the loss. What I didn’t know then was that strategic placement of color around the eyes and on the lips can forge a friendship between glasses and makeup. You’ll see!

What you’ll need:

  • Eye shadow, in the color of your choice
  • An eye-shadow brush or applicator
  • Eyeliner
  • Pink lip balm
  • Red lipstick

Step One

Refer to this photo for Steps One and Two.

Refer to this photo for Steps One and Two.

Eye shadow on the top lids can get lost behind thick frames, so we are setting our sights a bit lower. With a small eye-shadow brush or applicator, blend shadow across your lower lash lines.

Step Two

With eyeliner or shadow, line your upper lash lines. Extend the lines past your eyes, then upward, to create a subtle winged-eye effect.

Step Three


Dab a healthy layer of pink lip balm on your lips, starting from the center and blending outward.

Step Four


Dot the center of your lips with red lipstick, then use your finger to blend it with the balm by dabbing outward.


All done! A feast for the eyes. ♦