Jess Glynne is a proud Londoner and singer whose debut album, I Cry When I Laugh, came out last fall. The titles of the songs alone, like “Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself” and “Hold My Hand,” won us over. And then we heard her voice, which sounds huge and powerful enough to be detected from outer space. Recently, we chatted with Jess about some of the things that make her starry-eyed, at home and on the road.

amy1. Frank by Amy Winehouse. This record is one of my all-time favorites. I never get bored of listening to Amy. This album inspired me to make the music I make. Amy’s music definitely came from a very real and honest place, and that’s what I strive for with my music—even more so as we both came from similar backgrounds. Her music will live on, and I hope to continue her legacy via my work as an ambassador for Amy Winehouse Foundation

dessert2. Dessert. I love food! I love everything that’s not got meat or coriander in! I always have to have something sweet after a meal, too. That’s very important. Toffee Crisp is my absolute fave chocolate. It’s even included on my rider. 

fashion3. Fashion. I love fashion, like everyone, I guess! I find catwalks and each new season’s shows very inspiring, especially in what I do with my style—both day to day and on stage. My fail-safe items are definitely my Stella McCartney brogues. They are essential both on and off stage. I just love them! 

ldn4. London. It’s home, and it’s my everything. My family, my friends, my life is there, and I miss it when I’m away. The life in London is like no other! Some of the best food and best music comes from there, and I’m very proud to say I’m from there. I couldn’t live anywhere else in the world. Maybe L.A. for a bit, but London is my life. 

bed5. Bed. Sometimes it’s my favorite place to be! Comfy, cozy alone time to sleep and watch TV and just take myself away from everything that’s crazy in my life. When you are on the road and sleeping on the tour bus, it can feel a bit cramped, so even a nice bed in a hotel room is almost as good as my bed back home. ♦

Interview as told to Erika Ramirez. Illustrations by Maria Ines Gul. Collage by Maria Ines Gul, using a photo courtesy of Simon Emmett.