Illustrations by Ramisha Sattar.

Illustrations by Ramisha Sattar.

The artists on this list command attention with their lyricism, style choices, political views, and their bold commitment to be themselves and love themselves regardless of how it makes others feel. This poem is composed of lyrics from each of the songs; to me these words serve as a reminder and affirmation.

On Display

i’m feelin myself
i’m a piece of sugar cane
i got a goldmine
good lava
it’s all mine
i shine like the moon
promise not to name me

i’m different
i eat chitlins
i picks my friends
like I pick my fruit
we eat wings & throw
them bones on the ground

who made you
the center of the universe?

the booty don’t lie
i lean when i walk
my crown too heavy
my chain hits my chest
you think you can hang?

pull up to the bumper
i can kill your migraine
i’ll fix you up
don’t cut me down
words won’t scare me
i’m so pretty
i got rhythm
i can’t help it
i was born & raised
runnin red lights

what you gonna do
when I fly
over you?

Jamila Woods is a singer and poet from Chicago, Illinois. Find more of her work here.