Collage by Jao San Pedro.

Collage by Jao San Pedro.

My mom got me these super awesome lavender Reeboks. I love them so much but I don’t know how to style them. Do I pair them with lavender and purple colors or other pastels? —Jacqui, 16, Pennsylvania

First of all, lavender sneakers sound AWESOME, and I think I might want a pair myself! When I think of wearing sneakers in a “cool outfit” sort of way instead of an “I’m going to do some jogging” way, I instantly think about Björk’s sneaker-with-dresses phase. She somehow managed to make footwear that’s considered sporty into something super stylish. It still inspires me to this day.

Left to right: Björk, Rita Ora, Rihanna.

Left to right: Björk, Rita Ora, Rihanna.

In the pic above, Björk coordinates the color of her sneakers with her outfit. Rita Ora does the same kind of thing in the following photo, which answers your question about wearing your sneakers with matching lavenders, purples, or other pastel shades! If you find a dress or top that has a pattern with some lavender in it, it will most likely work. However, as someone who is a fan of dressing in one solid color, I think it would look amazing if you wore pastel purp from head to toe. An above-the-knee skirt or a dress with a defined silhouette would look great with the sneakers, too. I also LOVE the idea of you wearing them with something flashy, like this sequined lavender dress. How sick would that look accessorized with these glitter shades?!

Neutrals are also SLAMMIN’! Black leggings, skinny light-wash jeans, or even a gray maxi skirt like the one Rihanna is sporting in the above collage will look pretty sick with your sneaks, since the lavender shade will POP and take center stage. I love the idea of wearing the lavender shoes with a solid black or white A-line dress, like these:

From left to right: silver vegan leather mini skirt, $24.50, Lulu’s; A-line dress, $31, ASOS; stretch ivory dress, $44, Lulu's.

Left to right: Silver vegan leather mini skirt, $24.50, Lulu’s; A-line dress, $31, ASOS; stretch ivory dress, $44, Lulu’s.

The silver mini skirt is futuristic and will have a sort of Spice Girls vibe to it when paired with the sneaks. Seriously, you would look straight out of “Say You’ll Be There.”

The white dress also has very sporty vibes. Wait. You ARE Sporty Spice! I hope you like your new role! —Marie

My style is almost completely based on vintage fashion, and I’m especially influenced by musicians. Lately, I’ve been revisiting ’70s movies and music, like glam rock with Bowie and Bolan, or pictures of Studio 54 babes. What are some ways that I can incorporate that ’70s vibe into my style and achieve my goal of being a shimmery space babe? —Rachel, 19, Dallas

Hi, Rachel! Welcome, and thank you for speaking DIRECTLY TO MY SOUL. I just put on my favorite jumpsuit to answer this question! Glam rock is a treasure chest of razzle-dazzle and my personal favorite style era. Frankly, I’m overwhelmed trying to approach this Q. My heart is pounding out of my chest with excitement for the infinite options in how to achieve this look! In order to give you the glam guidance you deserve, I’ll break the look down in a few optional steps that you could mix and match. Glam is so maximal that YES, you COULD wear those two different leopard prints together, and the suede with the sequins, and the flared pants with the lace top! Consider this a head-to-toe primer for a ton of different looks, though we’re only scratching the glittery surface, of course.

Glam shoes: Let’s take a look at BONKERS SHOES. Platforms look like cakes for your steppers but they can be hard to walk in. If you are trying to pull off a glam look and actually, like, leave your house and walk more than a block, my recommendation is to look for more practical styles in wilder patterns.

These pointy-toe booties are super rock ’n’ roll, and the snakeskin print on the leather bring this pair into glam territory. Super fun and flashy, these literally star-studded pointed-toe caged booties would look like costume jewelry for your feet. You could pair amazingly ’70s caramel-brown boots with warm, bright colors. If you do want to go the platforms route, these would be picture perfect with any of the pieces I’ve picked out below. Take a look at the New York Dolls for more inspiration:

Bell-bottoms and bell sleeves: DING-DONG. Is that the doorbell? Nah, it’s you, cos your whole look is saved by the bell. Sorry for mixing metaphors; NOT sorry for these adorable bell-bottoms and bell sleeve pieces. The bell silhouette will immediately make you look like you walked straight out of the Whiskey a Go Go in the ’70s and into the present day, which is what we’re going for!

Classic bell-bottoms with a very ’70’s button-up waist will look like you got them from a vintage shop. Lace-up flies also feel quintessential glam and would make a good alternative. This top from Zara is an absolute jaw-dropper! For all those about to spread their arms and take flight, may I recommend some wings of sequin?

Patterns and textures: No rules here. Wear animal print with leather. Welcome flame stitch into your life. Fake fur, metallic, sequins, and suede are all invited. Here are some gorgeously glam pieces to mix and match to the max.

A suede skirt is the ideal evergreen piece for your closet, since it can go with anything. Check out this vegan one, both colors would completely rock. A metallic skirt will make anything it touches turn to solid glam. Enough said. Pairing flame stitch with funky shoes and a fur-collared coat is one of my favorite ways to dress. Check out this amazing star appliqué top that looks totally inspired by Bowie. There’s a lot to appreciate about a coat that is at once a walking blanket and a glamorous statement piece, like this long leopard style. Plus, any coat with a glam edge will turn any outfit you have into a party-time look.

Hair and makeup: Have you ever considered changing your hair to reflect this look? The age of 19 was my peak glam rock era, mostly because it was the only thing I listened to, and I bleached my curly hair and gave myself curly bangs. If you have a similar hair texture to mine, do not be afraid of the bang or the bleach, it’ll make you look like a rad little rocker! (PRACTICAL STYLE TIP: It also helps to have tinsel around you at all times.)

I also love the ’70s style layers of Suzi Quatro on pretty much every human:

As for makeup looks, this is where you raid the cheapo section of the drugstore beauty aisle and get every gold, silver, pink, and blue shimmery eye shadow or glitter lip pencil that catches your eye. You could take a cue from the British glam rock outrageousness of Wizzard.

My favorite look that seems glam rock to me, but is actually from the ’90s film Buffalo ’66, is this baby blue eye shadow paired with a hot magenta lip on Christina Ricci.

Sound crazy? It is. That’s the point, baby! I’m excited for you to reach for the stars and be 1000% more glamorous in your daily life. —Dylan

I lovelovelovelove thigh-high/over-the-knee socks with a burning passion. However, thick thighs + not so thick knees and calves = legs that a sock will slide right down. Are there any ways to keep thigh-highs where they’re supposed to be that are inexpensive and don’t look like they belong in a BDSM dungeon? Or maybe different fabrics that stay up better? Thanks! —Divinika, 15, North Carolina

As a fellow style queen with thick thighs that save lives, I know your conundrum very, very well. Why, even just a few days ago, I put on some thigh-highs that my mom had given me and they immediately began rolling down my legs as I slow-motion screamed, “Noooooo!” So I feel you. I personally opt for a knee sock or a slightly over-the-knee sock so I can avoid the potential fuckery of the roll-down. I also love me a mock thigh-high or some suspender tights.

But don’t let my laziness stop you from reaching for the stars. I have combed relentlessly through the sands of the internet, hoping to find the answer to your dilemma, and the one word that keeps popping up is Kix’ies. This brand looks like it was specifically created to stop that vicious roll-down. They are available in various designs and sizes, including for us gals with thicker gams.

From left to right: Shimmery opaque thigh-highs, $30, Kix‘ies; sheer back-seam thigh-highs, $30, Kix'ies; Fishnet thigh-highs, $30, Kix'ies

Left to right: Shimmery opaque thigh-highs, $30, Kix’ies, sheer back-seam thigh-highs, $30, Kix’ies, Fishnet thigh-highs, $30, Kix’ies

These thigh-highs are a different brand and have a good amount of decent reviews. And I know you didn’t want to wear anything that was too risqué, but you can always wear a garter belt under your clothes and high enough so it’s hidden. I like these, these, and these!

Of course, it’s allllll about dat experimentation. Hopefully one of these recs will help, but sometimes you have to try a few things before finally landing on the one that works. P.S. I once went through a phase of wearing men’s garter belts to hold up my thigh-highs! Strange but true! Hope this helps. —Marie

Lately it’s been really hard for me to find a good, stable jean jacket that won’t die after a few wears, and the ones I’ve been finding at thrift stores are too flimsy or don’t have a cut I feel comfortable with (I like a bit lower than hip length, and kinda androgynous). I just need a good jacket. I’m not interested in trends, just something that’s affordable and will keep me warm if I pile hoodies underneath it. Any tips? Thanks! —Zoë, 14

Hey, Zoë! A good jean jacket can be notoriously hard to find. Also, really high quality jean jackets tend to be much pricier than their lower quality alternatives. While you can look in thrift stores for cheaper finds I suggest looking online also, especially since you are looking for such a specific style. Etsy is really a great place to start out. These guys I found seem to have a good combo of comfortable and stylish, too. If you’re looking for more of a coat than a jacket, you could find some really good lined denim jackets that will keep you warmer than a regular denim jacket will. Good luck! —Sunny ♦

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