Choosing an eye-makeup color is fairly easy most days. Sometimes, though, I find that the decision is impossible. I believe that my makeup, like my Instagram, should be a tapestry of all my favorite things. Here, I’ll show you how, instead of deciding between two different colored mascaras, I used both—and I even snuck in a third color!

What you’ll need:

  • A waterproof mascara
  • Two or three colors of loose eye shadow (like these, by NYX) or pigment powder (MAC makes some pretty ones)
  • A clean mascara wand
  • Concealer (optional)

How to do it:

Step One


On your top and bottom lashes, apply a base coat of waterproof mascara, which will be what your eye shadow or pigment clings to. A light coating will do!

Step Two


With a clean mascara wand, lightly brush the first color of shadow or pigment over your top lashes. Be careful to not touch the bottom lashes! We have other plans for them.

Step Three


Rinse the mascara wand and pat it dry. Tap it into the second shadow or pigment, and brush it over the bottom lashes. Don’t apply under-eye concealer until this step is complete, ’cause it’ll work as a magic eraser if any shadow/pigment sprinkles off your lashes.

If you’re feeling extra-colorful, add a third hue of shadow or pigment to your eyes’ inner corners. I chose a silvery pigment, but any color would be perfect here. Put the rest of your makeup on, if you want, and you’re all done! ♦