I constantly find myself throwing half of my belongings in a tote bag before rushing out the door to catch my train on time. If you’re a disorganized mess like me, or just love having a super-cute bag to travel with or take to class, here’s how to make your very own tote using a print-making technique called linocut.

What you’ll need:


How to do it:

Step One

Think of an image or pattern you’d like to print. Use a pencil to trace that image/pattern on a linoleum block. **Important! If you plan to print letters, make sure to trace them backwards, like I did in the photo below, so that they face the right way when they’re printed.**

Step Two


With the linoleum cutter, carve out the negative space around the drawing. Keep in mind that the space you cut away won’t appear on the printed design.

Step Three


Load up a paint brush with paint, then cover the block in it.

Step Four


Press the block to your tote bag. Apply pressure, then release. Repaint the block if you want to repeat the design.

You can repeat Steps One through Two to make more designs:


And there you have it!


A basic tote with some serious style. ♦