Today I woke up and thought of you

I wonder if that apple we buried in one of your backyards
is dirt
like we always hoped
or maybe it’s a full blown baby tree
growing up parallel to us girls

You are the pictures I show to all my new friends
the one I want to be sitting on the couch with
watching the same TV shows like always
doing nothing on long days
I miss it

and you taught me to write cursive in my garage…
remember a time where we didn’t know consonants?
and all the t-t-t-t’s were just sounds of tap routines
while I watched you do dances
from a class I dropped out of

two months is such a weird time
and one day can make it feel like nothing but
always is different
always doesn’t come back

back when you were here is everything but now
and I had so much fun picking which characters we would be
and I had so much fun waving at hot air balloons
and I had so much fun being younger
and I had so much

—By Chloe Arnold