Seriously: CAN I?

I come from a culture where both your and partner’s horoscopes are checked before you get married (just in case) and where clipping your toenails on a Friday is bad luck. All of the superstition I grew up with has led me to believe in certain things like karma, astrology, and oh yeah, FORTUNE TELLING! This month, I went to a witch, Kat (who is also a fellow student at my college), who read my tea leaves and my runes. She helped me interpret some of the events occurring in my life right now, and events that may occur, but I still have questions:

  • Is there any truth in getting your fortune read?
  • How exactly does it all work—like when you get your runes and tea leaves read, for example?
  • Is it DANGEROUS to try and find out what the future holds for you?
  • Can I PLZZZ predict my love life?!