scorpio1You’ve got Venus in your sign for almost the entire month, which can help bring you attention, connections, and maybe a relationship. Think of yourself as a magnetizing force for what you want or need. There’s a particularly good set up for you around the 23rd to the 25th. Use it to connect to people: Establish relationships, and reach out to those who could help you bring about good luck.

Your ruler is Mars, which is going through a fairly intense transit this month. That’s happening in your 12th house, a place where we do things that are behind the scenes. While one level of this is about you possibly working on something that isn’t quite ready to be revealed to the world, it is also about any health issues or addressing any physical concerns. Pay special attention, the first two weeks of December, to what you need physically and energetically. If these weeks are harder for you, not to worry. It will begin to pass after the full moon, and in the new year you’ll have a renewed sense of self, as your ruling planet moves into your 1st house.

The new moon occurs in your 2nd house of income. Saturn has been there for a couple of months, so you might be in the process of figuring out how you to make money, or dealing with issues at your job. If things have stalled, use this new moon to commit to a course of action around your cash-money situation. If that’s not the case, this could be a great new moon to do something with your money. If you’re hoping to one day go on a trip or to buy a car, make a plan and ask your guardians if you can start a savings account devoted to that.

December 19th could bring about a challenging conversation—keep in mind that you don’t have to win a conversation, it’s about getting down to your own truth and letting other people do the same. Work on not controlling or manipulating parts of the conversation, and be present, notice where the conversation takes you. Remember, any time you feel threatened, try to back off from attacking or blaming and stay open to the truth of what’s being said, find your power within that. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone else, just stay clear with yourself. Plus, this conversation could unfold something quite fortuitous for you.

The full moon on the 25th is highlighting trips and travel, so any holiday excursion is good. If travel is not on the horizon(!), this can also signal a new philosophical understanding that will help you see your life in a positive light. Perhaps you’ll arrive at that understanding via some spiritual experience. The moon is in Cancer, in your 9th house, where signals spirituality, so if you’re interested, note the underlying spiritual themes that come through any of your rituals, and be open to those experiences.


Dylans’s advice: You could have some really cool experiences this month reaching out into the void, which is tight. There’s some kinda woo, subconscious-level intrigue here, which would be neat to explore on the outside, too. Pick some an exploration that has a magical or mystical feeling, which is extra applicable during the holiday season. Attend a Christmas Eve midnight mass at an old, hallowed church; hold a bonfire ritual on the full moon; or make a trip to the woods with some friends and try to summon some spirits.

If you’re required to attend a religious gathering for the holidays that isn’t your bag, try to engage with it in a new way, see it as a ritual, consider all of its strange and various histories. Scorpio tends to dig on mystery, and pursuing that impulse help you feel really connected. Go somewhere that you don’t know, or find new places in the spaces you know too well. What I’m saying is, open those spooky “No Trespassing” doors you pass by every day and finally peek at what’s behind ’em.