aries1Mars, your ruling planet, is spending a good amount of time in Libra, which directly affects your most intimate relationships. This part of your chart has been stimulated over the past couple of months, but this particular transit could be even more energetic.

Watch the first couple of weeks of the month, and notice what intimate beaux are telling you, and how you’re reacting to conflict or changes in your relationship. Issues related to your personal freedom, and the freedom of your partner, are up for discussion. This is happening, in part, because of what Mars is doing in your 7th house of relationships, but also Uranus—the planet of upheaval, change, and experimentation—is stationing direct in your sign. Perhaps you and one of your best people are going your own ways in work, or love, while still maintaining a connection. There may be tense times, but don’t be too rash. You don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater!

The new moon on December 11, is asking you to take hold of something hefty, maybe in terms of what you’re studying, learning, a trip you’re planning, a pilgrimage you’re considering. Right now, it’s good for you to commit to a course of learning that’ll demand you show up on a long-term basis—meaning about two years. The full moon on the 25th takes place in your 4th house of family, home, and foundations (where you nest). It might reveal a necessary time of going inward and appreciating the circle of friends, home, or family that you’ve built.

That Mercury business I mentioned earlier is happening in your 10th house, so around December 19, expect a good chunk of stimulation in your career and public life. Perhaps it’ll be a conversation, something you learn, or something you communicate that will prove pivotal to your life’s direction.


Dylan’s Advice: You can go your own way (*gOoOo your own waAaAy*), and not totally Stevie and Lindsey it, you know? If there are any partnerships such as a study buddy who crosses your boundaries or a romance-y person with whom you’re feeling cramped (or vice versa!), you have the boost to either create a confrontation or to make subtle shifts and notice how your relationship adjusts, peacefully. If this is one of those moments when either you or your partner wants to pull the “but you’ve CHANGED” card, try to move beyond clinging to a past ideal, and look for what will be productive and freedom-beckoning about the evolution of this relationship. A transition doesn’t make them a lousy person, nor you a failure for not being the Gatekeeper Of It All Staying The Way It Was. Connections morph over time, and this time, Mars and Uranus are urging you to, if not facilitate then at least observe, where you can make space for more freedom in your partnerships, so that they benefit you and the other person in the long run.

OK, so if that is not enough of an action item for you, here’s one: Listen to Rumours! Initiate a Fleetwood Mac phase, if you have yet to have one! I am not joking around. This is a great time to do so. Freedom themes? Relationship transitions? Long-term commitments? Moon shit?! Put some Rumors on that new moon. I promise it will be tight.